Did You Know?

Loyalty checking lets members earn money and get refunds for activity.

Your credit union can better serve members while saving money and supporting green initiatives with CUBUS Solutions products

Alerts can automatically give members any account status or threshold indicator

Reminders can be a powerful marketing tool at practically no cost per impression.

You can extend your geographic reach without adding costs with Deposits.

You can eliminate ATM surcharge and enhance member convenience with Deposits.

You can get more use of your online banking with Points.

Credit union members can deposit checks online anytime with Deposits.

You can drive paperless adoption and increase convenience with Statements.

You can effectively cross-sell without the cost of postage and paper with Reminders.

You can reward members for using everyday services with CUPoints.

Credit unions can de-manualize the deferred payment process with Skip-a-Pay


A Secure Online Transfers and Payments System

The CUBUS transfers solution is the most convenient and cost-effective solution for credit unions. It lets your members transfer funds between any two bank accounts (A2A) and send or receive payments (P2P). With CUTransfers your credit union can offer a better electronic transactions platform than your competitors. CUTransfers is safe and secure. It offers multi-level security including enhanced fraud mitigation, and account verification, using the micro deposit and withdrawal verification process.

  • Multi-functional payment tool
  • Secure and immediate transactions
  • Transfer between bank accounts
  • Send or receive payments
  • See new revenues from online funds transfers
Case Study
Download Case Study IBM Southeast Credit Union Big Gains with Secure Online Transfers and Payments System

Improve Customer Retention

CUTransfers provides a service so simple that your members will use it over and over again. They get a convenient, low-cost alternative to wire transfers, and will save time mailing paper checks, while you see increased revenues and loyalty.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be easily accessed from any online banking platform via single sign on
  • Fully configurable based on business objectives
  • On-demand, scheduled and recurring transfers
  • Express transfers available for all qualified members
  • Enhanced fraud protection
  • Account verification using micro deposit/withdrawal process
  • Separate fee schedule for incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Complete, detailed transaction progress tracking
  • Lower cost alternative to wire transfers and check by mail
  • Fast, convenient payments-anytime, anywhere
  • Offer low cost paperless payments
  • Use as payment service or as collection service with invoicing
  • Make loan payments
  • Detailed transaction tracking and scheduling

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