Did You Know?

Loyalty checking lets members earn money and get refunds for activity.

Your credit union can better serve members while saving money and supporting green initiatives with CUBUS Solutions products

Alerts can automatically give members any account status or threshold indicator

Reminders can be a powerful marketing tool at practically no cost per impression.

You can extend your geographic reach without adding costs with Deposits.

You can eliminate ATM surcharge and enhance member convenience with Deposits.

You can get more use of your online banking with Points.

Credit union members can deposit checks online anytime with Deposits.

You can drive paperless adoption and increase convenience with Statements.

You can effectively cross-sell without the cost of postage and paper with Reminders.

You can reward members for using everyday services with CUPoints.

Credit unions can de-manualize the deferred payment process with Skip-a-Pay

Online Banking Solutions

CUBUS provides a powerful collection of online banking applications divided into five product suites, the modules of which can be purchased individually or collectively.


Increase the usage of all services by rewarding members for their loyalty and motivating them to act using points and credits. The CUBUS rewards products are completely flexible and adaptable to maximize revenue goals and support incentive-based marketing.


Communicate different types of messages electronically to members through alerts, statements, letters and reminders while drastically reducing paper costs.

Funds Transfer

Enhance the ability to serve members geographically disbursed, make it easier for members to interact and provide additional services that increase retention and foster goodwill.

Other Solutions

Skip-A-Pay provides automation for credit union members and staff to make an online request to skip a payment on certain types of loans. It completely automates the process of qualification and approval, advancing the due date, scheduling payments and charging fees.