Did You Know?

Loyalty checking lets members earn money and get refunds for activity.

Your credit union can better serve members while saving money and supporting green initiatives with CUBUS Solutions products

Alerts can automatically give members any account status or threshold indicator

Reminders can be a powerful marketing tool at practically no cost per impression.

You can extend your geographic reach without adding costs with Deposits.

You can eliminate ATM surcharge and enhance member convenience with Deposits.

You can get more use of your online banking with Points.

Credit union members can deposit checks online anytime with Deposits.

You can drive paperless adoption and increase convenience with Statements.

You can effectively cross-sell without the cost of postage and paper with Reminders.

You can reward members for using everyday services with CUPoints.

Credit unions can de-manualize the deferred payment process with Skip-a-Pay

Online Banking

Next generation online banking platform for credit unions

Online banking has taken over as the primary destination for most consumers to manage their money and is expected to grow to 83 million by 2014. Does your credit union offer an online banking experience that measures up to the expectations of this growing segment of your business?

Watch a video tour about Online Banking

See how your credit union and your members can benefit from CUBUS Online Banking by watching our brief video tour.

This is true integration of online banking and the most commonly used functions in one view so members experience an intuitive, enhanced and seamless online session.

  • Supports both individual and business members
  • Full-featured internet banking account access including real-time balance and transaction information, check and statement images, online reporting, messaging and more
  • Best-in-class user experience and functionality including secure login and 128-bit SSL encryption, single sign on, friendly account names, customizable dashboard, multiple users, session summary related links and more
  • Easy secure money movement via online bill payment and presentment, and real-time future dated or recurring funds transfer

Full-Featured Online Banking Account Access

  • On-the-Fly Enrollment: Lets members enroll in online banking and other related services from your website
  • Secure Login and 128-bit SSL Encryption: Provides members with integrated, multi-factor authentication and secure access to your credit union
  • Single Sign-On: Delivers complete online financial services using one ID and password
  • End-to-End Account Origination: Allows web visitors to apply for, open and fund a bank account online
  • Business and Personal Banking: Supports both types of accounts, including positive pay for business banking

Best-in-Class User Experience

  • Web-enabled Dashboard: For ultimate ease of use and access
  • Friendly Account Names: Allows members to assign friendly names (nicknames) for their accounts
  • Multiple Users: Members can add multiple users who can view member-defined areas of an account
  • Quick Links: Allows the user to speed navigation to a particular page
  • Check and Statement Images: Permits access to electronic copies of presented checks and account statement images

Money Movement

  • Online Payment and Presentment: Enables members to manage and make payments via the internet while providing an audit trail of their payment history
  • Transfers: Enables real-time, future-dated or recurring fund transfers for controlled movement of funds within your credit union as well as outside financial institutions

Advanced Communication

  • Alerts: Provides instant notification of payment, balance, security and budget status updates to multiple user-defined destinations, including email and SMS

Comprehensive Administration

  • Real-Time Balance and Transaction Reporting: Provides real-time access and a complete view of current balances and transaction history across all account types
  • Session Summary: Provides a summary of a member's prior login session, enabling them to detect unauthorized activity while increasing their confidence in online banking security
  • Online Reporting: Allows members to create transaction history reports, search by multiple criteria and sort and filter transactions
  • Advanced Campaign Management: Empowers credit unions with real-time custom messaging targeting members based on transaction and core banking data

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