Did You Know?

Loyalty checking lets members earn money and get refunds for activity.

Your credit union can better serve members while saving money and supporting green initiatives with CUBUS Solutions products

Alerts can automatically give members any account status or threshold indicator

Reminders can be a powerful marketing tool at practically no cost per impression.

You can extend your geographic reach without adding costs with Deposits.

You can eliminate ATM surcharge and enhance member convenience with Deposits.

You can get more use of your online banking with Points.

Credit union members can deposit checks online anytime with Deposits.

You can drive paperless adoption and increase convenience with Statements.

You can effectively cross-sell without the cost of postage and paper with Reminders.

You can reward members for using everyday services with CUPoints.

Credit unions can de-manualize the deferred payment process with Skip-a-Pay


Online and Offline Solution for Communicating With Members

  • Offers members all institutional and custom letters via e-mail
  • Enhances the quality and speed of letter delivery
  • Saves money on paper and printing
  • Lowers member service costs
  • Offers targeted marketing ability

The CUBUS letters solution is an electronic letter generation and delivery management system credit unions can use to deliver electronic letters safely and conveniently to members, saving processing, printing and mailing costs. Members can access the correspondence in a secure, easy-to-use html format, which can be customized for your credit union and personalized to your members.

Case Study
Download Case Study Redstone Federal Credit Union On its way to "all things electronic" using the Notifications Suite Download Case Study Montana Federal Credit Union 600% increase in e-services adoption made possible by Notifications Suite

Features & Benefits

  • Full support for core processing letter generation
  • Letters are automatically accessible to members in html format
  • Supports letter templates developed and maintained in a standard html formatting utility such as Dream Weaver or Front Page (not included)
  • Credit union determines the look and feel of the letters and other correspondence
  • Supports target marketing to members by member level
  • Web based configuration utility integrated within the CUBUS administrative framework

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